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This journal is friends-locked by default, for privacy reasons, so here are a few things about me that I don't mind being generally known:

I'm a biologist living in Dresden, Germany. So English is not my native language, though I feel pretty comfortable in it, at least where written language is concerned. And among my lj contacts are a lot more people who don't understand German than those who don't understand English, so English it (usually) is.

I love music, especially filk in any variation. I love to listen to it, sing & play it, compose it - I just love music. And I love filkcons.

I have a habit of making dear friends who live far far away from me. Sometimes I hate myself for this, but then I wouldn't want to live without those friends.
I need to learn teleporting someday.

I'm a passionate reader (never leave the flat without a book. Except, perhaps for going grocery shopping). I love well-thought-through fiction, challenging ideas, interesting & believable characters with weaknesses and unlikable traits, character-driven stories, and fantasy worlds that actually work. I tend to very much dislike "the loser/hero saves the world" and Good vs. Evil-stories.
I also used to write, but I haven't in ages.

I believe in "live and let live", in spreading kindness and in treating others the way one wants to be treated.
I also love good, lively discussions about pretty much anything, as long as all participants treat each other with respect. This world would be a far poorer place if there was only one opinion on anything. So you're welcome to disagree with me, and tell me so, as long as you mind basic courtesy. ;-)

I might not post or comment all that often, but I still love lj as a means to see what's going on in my friends' lives, and to read interesting views and philosophies. I just recently tend to listen more than I talk, at least blog-wise.

I live with my husband and our little daughter.

And even though there are always stresses, and the world is very far from perfect, I love my life. I honestly do. :-)
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